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As soon as you trust us with your repatriation, we will give you a reference number which you can use to track its progress. We detail every stage of the process so you always know what is happening. You can see an example here.

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Repatriation to mainland China



We work with all Funeral Directors in Mainland China, providing a speedy yet professional service.

0800 731 4972
freephone for advice and costings
Outside UK +44 20 8776 7446

 Our full international repatriation service to China includes:-

  • Advice on all aspects of repatriation relating to:
    • UK authorities
    • International authorities
    • All major airlines
  • Preparation of the deceased including full International embalming. Our Embalmer is 'British Institute of Embalmers' qualified.
  • Provision of a simple coffin conforming to international shipping regulations (other choices available). The coffin must be Zinc Lined.
  • Documentation delivery service for Coroners 'out of England'
  • Obtaining relevant permit to travel
  • Freight booking services, airway bill production and booking of family tickets (special rates usually apply)
  • Collection and delivery service throughout the UK 24 hrs per day, 7 days week.
  • Full use of our newly refurbished Chapel of Rest

Example Repatriation Pricing

The Prices for our repatriation services to China are fully itemised.

Usually the Passport, or other legal permits to travel, of the Deceased is required. If this is not available concise details to the Deceased identity will be required. We will advise of this process.

Documents Costs are significant to allow the repatriation to China to proceed:-

All documents need to be Notarised at a cost of £75.00 for the first and £25.00 each additional document. (Funeral Directors Declaration, Death Certificate and Corners out of England)

For those that cannot be Notarised, (FFI, Embalming Certificate etc..),  an Affidavit will be sworn by our attending Funeral Director. The cost for this is £50.00 for the first and £10.00 each additional document.

Once this is completed all documents are legalised by us at The Legalisation Office of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at a cost of £75.00 per Document. The documents under the Affidavit will count as one document.

All documents are finally taken to the Chinese Embassy for Autherisation at a cost of £15.00 per document.

Total documentation fees will usually be in the region of £535.00.

Only once the documentation is completed can the repatriation to China proceed.

Following is a breakdown of some of the typical services we provide to funeral directors and private clients.

Repatriation Service to China, Shanghai International Airport.
All UK Funeral Director Charges
Freedom from infection certificate 50.00
Air tray to protect coffin during flight 65.00
Transfer to London airport 60.00
Embassy Visit with documents, (two visits) - staff costs     150.00
Visit to Foriegn & Commenwealth Office and Notary Office - staff costs 100.00
Air freight to Shanghai International Air Port (subject to change). Includes all airport fees, UK customs ect.... 915.00
Total cost of the Repatriation to Hong Kong - (Excluding document fees) £2840.00

 0800 731 4972
freephone for advice and costings
Outside UK +44 20 8776 7446

 * The above pricing is based on an Oak Veneered Zinc Lined coffin as shown below. Other coffin/casket options are available. Please browse our selection and contact us for a repatriation quote.



  • Polished Oak Zinc Lined veneered coffin fitted with three pairs of brassed bar handles
  • Interior padded and lined with satin side sheets and ruffle (with matching dressing gown robe if required)

Additional Fees

Local Removal 25 miles - inclusive in our charges. Excess mileage, priced per mile.
Local Church Service prior to the Repatriation - Hearse only and Funeral Staff. Hearse direct to Church for service. £175.00
Limousine to convey mourners from private address to Church Service for two hours. from £250.00




Local Consulate Office

The main Chinese Embassy is located in London:
Chinese Embassy
49-51 Portland Place

Click here for directions

Tel:020 7299 4049


01928 611 611
freephone for advice and costings
Mobile/Outside UK +44 (0)1928 611 611

Fax: +44 (0)1925 575 717