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Dealing with a death is hard, but making death notifications shouldn’t be. Life Ledger’s easy-to-use platform simplifies the administrative processes after a death by allowing families, when they are at their most exhausted, vulnerable and fragile, to send notifications of death to multiple companies in multiple sectors, all from one place, and free of charge.

Why Life Ledger?


You can contact all the companies connected with the deceased from a single point, saving hours of time and removing the need to have the same difficult conversation over and over again.


You can use Life Ledger to inform over 1,000 UK companies, ranging from banks, insurers and pension providers to gas, water, telecoms and social media. You can track the progress of your notification, directly contact the companies and upload the required documents in one place.


Three years in the planning and with bank-level security, Life Ledger is Cyber Essentials confirmed, is undergoing ISO27001 certification and undergoes regular security and penetration testing to ensure your information is sage.

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